Total Maintenance Solutions

We provide companies in GMP industries with bespoke total maintenance support solutions through deployment our multi-skilled Site Services Teams

Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM)

Noreside Engineering detailed approach to site equipment maintenance that supports efficiency & safety with sustained OEE %.

  • Reduce Downtime.
  • Reduce Scrap & COPQ (Cost Of Poor Quality).
  • Improves & sustains process equipment efficiencies.
  • Supports the 6th “S” of “6S”, Safety.

Predictive Maintenance

Noreside Engineering’s Predictive Maintenance Team can help all industries understand & determine the condition all process operations through agreed Site Service SLA’s. This service helps industries avoid unplanned downtime events which has a positive effect on OEE % efficiency.

  • Reduce Unplanned & Unnecessary Downtime.
  • Support the efficient management of resources.
  • Improves & sustains process equipment efficiencies.
  • Supports “6S” Sustainment of efferences and DMAIC “Control”.

Noreside Engineering Turnkey PM Team can offer all industries a Multi-Skilled Team & Predictive Maintenance Support Solution.

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