Elevate your operations, enhance efficiency, and stay ahead of the competition with our tailored upgrade solutions.

Elevate Your Operations with Our Upgrades

At Noreside Engineering, innovation meets reliability. We are your trusted partner in maintenance engineering, specializing in delivering cutting-edge upgrades to the pharmaceutical & life sciences and food & beverage industries across Ireland. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on enhancing efficiency, we empower your operations to reach new heights.

Our Approach

We understand that the key to sustained success lies in adaptability and efficiency. Our upgrade services are crafted to bring your existing equipment to the forefront of industry standards. We take a comprehensive approach to assess, enhance, and optimise your machinery for improved performance, reliability, and compliance.

Upgrade Services

Unleashing the Potential of Your Equipment

  • Modernization: Upgrade outdated components to the latest technology, ensuring your equipment is in line with current industry standards.
  • Automation Integration: Harness the power of automation by seamlessly integrating state-of-the-art control systems into your machinery for enhanced efficiency and precision.
  • Capacity Enhancement: Optimize your equipment’s capacity and throughput to meet the growing demands of your industry.
  • Energy Efficiency: Implement upgrades that enhance energy efficiency, reducing operational costs and environmental impact.
  • Compliance Upgrades: Ensure that your equipment adheres to the latest regulatory standards, providing you with peace of mind and minimizing the risk of non-compliance.

Industries We Serve

Tailored Solutions for Specialised Sectors

  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences: Our machine upgrades are designed to meet the unique challenges of the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, ensuring compliance, reliability, and efficiency.
  • Food & Beverage: From production lines to packaging equipment, our solutions cater to the specific needs of the food and beverage sector, enhancing productivity and quality.

Get in Touch

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